Aquarium Fish for Sale – Top 3 Types of Aquarium Fish

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Across the world, there are so many people who domesticate animals to make them their pets or even companions at home. From the mammals like dogs, cats and others to aquatic animals like fish, there is a wide variety of animals in the world that people can welcome home and enjoy their company. If you plan to have fishes in aquarium, you may be overwhelmed with the several choices of different types of aquarium fish available in pet shops. In case that you still do not have ideas as to what types of fish to be domesticated, this article will guide you along the way. We will talk about the top 3 types of aquarium fish that are common to many aquarium fish owners. They are angel fish, harlequin fish and Scat.

First and foremost, let us talk about angel fish. In comparison to most types of aquarium fish, angel fish is bigger. These fish feed on smaller live bait in the fish tank. The color of the fins varies from one angel fish to another. Their lips are small and pouted. Some angel fish have black spots which make them even more ideal for display at home. If you choose to have this type of fish, you need to bear in mind that the temperature of water in the aquarium must be 77 to 86 degrees. This temperature is needed for them to start breeding. You also need to see to it that the lighting you incorporate for these fish is not so intense. Naturally, angel fish love the different features of the ocean or see. Therefore, you must place into the fish tank several plants where they can explore or hide. Another unique characteristic of this type of fish is that they produce a noise during their breeding process due to the presence of bones in their throat region. You need to know about this fact so that you will need not to worry about the fish when you hear the noise.

The second one in our short list is the Harlequin fish. One of the subtypes of Harlequin fish is called Rasbora Heteromorpha. This fish is very attractive displaying its thick body shape inside the aquarium. What makes it even more desirable for exhibit is its silver grey color that shimmers every time this fish moves in the water. Colored blue or black patch is also an attractive feature in its body. The maximum length of this type of fish is one and a half inches. The water temperature must be maintained from 75-77 degrees in the aquarium. They prefer to live in warm waters considering that they come from the tropical region. Hence, during their breeding season, the water temperature must be as higher as 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Like the first type discussed above, proper lighting must also be controlled due to their sensitivity to bright lights. They are also active type of fish so there is a need for enough spaces for them to explore in the aquarium water.
The third type of fish to consider is named Scat which is a subtype of Scatophagus Argus. This type of fish has an elegant look due to its brownish gold tone featuring brown sports all over its body. Among the three types mentioned in this article, it is the biggest one. They can grow up to over eleven inches long. They are quite extraordinary or unique because they come in hexagonal shape. Three to four teaspoons of salt must be added to 2 to 3 gallons of water in order for you to keep them healthy. They also feed on live baits and a little bit of plants.

This article aims at helping you in making a choice as to what type of fish you can have in your aquarium at home. Keeping all of these ideas in mind can let you opt for any of the three types of fish mentioned herein.

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Aquarium Fish for Sale – Top 3 Types of Aquarium Fish

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This article was published on 2011/04/23