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Among pet enthusiasts, one of the most popular pets to be kept is fish. For many people, a well kept tank is enough to bring in some sense of relief after a long day at work. Of hundreds of fish variety that are commonly sold in pet shops, however, one of the most popular is the koi. If you have been mesmerized by the graceful way that these creatures swim in koi ponds, or if you have simply been hooked because of the wide range of patterns and colours that these fishes sport, you may be thinking of buying a koi aquarium. Before sealing the deal, however, there are several important things to keep in mind with koi aquariums.

Age old question

Keeping koi indoors through aquariums has long been a question of debate between serious koi owners. In the end, the simplest answer to the question of whether koi aquariums are viable ways of housing your fish is yes. However, the theoretical possibility of keeping koi indoors is very different from actually practicing it. Among the top reasons for keeping koi inside aquariums is to protect these fish from the weather, such as in colder climates where winter temperatures can actually send your koi floating to the top of the pond. Apart from this, many want to keep koi in aquariums in order to be able to display the fish and actually see them from different angles, after all, allow the owner to watch the fish only from above.

Size does matter

Nonetheless, one of the most important things that you should know in keeping koi is that these fish grow to very large proportions. Because of this, the main consideration that you should think of when purchasing aquariums for koi is whether you have the space and money to accommodate one. In general, an inch of koi, excluding the tail, needs ten gallons of water. This means that for a 12 inch koi, you will need at least 120 gallons of water, which is quite large for hobbyist standards.


Apart from the rule of thumb above, another factor that often leads to crowding is the fact that koi can reach large size very quickly. While some fish will eat only the amount that they need each day, the koi can eat more than necessary, leading to great growth spurts. For many koi lovers, the size and way that these fish quickly develop is one of the charming points. In fact, growing koi to considerable size is practiced by some koi keepers. The problem, however, is that a four inch koi you buy will likely increase to over 12 inches in a year or two, which means that a tank that can hold five 4-inch koi can carry only one koi after a year.

Nets and filters

Finally, it is also important to remember that koi are active fish that will frequently jump out of the water when excited or when playing with other koi in the tank. So... if you must keep them in an aquarium, you should install a net over the aquarium to prevent the fish from jumping overboard and drying on the carpet floor as you sleep at night. Also be sure to provide sufficient filtration and aeration for your koi aquarium especially since koi eat much, and consequently excrete much waste.

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Koi Aquarium

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This article was published on 2010/03/29