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A portable ice fishing house is a shelter that keeps fisherman warm and dry during the long cold days, out one the pond or lake. They can be small single person fishing shanty, as they are also known as, or large models that can even have a spare cigarette lighter adapter for lights, and electronic equipment. There are many different models to choose from, and here are just some of the available products offered.

The first Portable Fishing House is a two man model, HT from Arctic Bay. The is a two person fishing shanty that can also accommodate up to four fishing poles. This is a suit case style building attached to a built in sled. It can quickly collapse down or pull up and is easy to handle, as well as lightweight, only 49pounds. The carpeted floor keeps your feet warm and comfortable. You get a full 360 degree view, with the Velcro window system. There are also vents to let in fresh air and reflective tape on all four sides to make seeing your shelter a breeze. This unit sells for just under $400. There is also a large HT Arctic Bay Model that will accommodate four people quite comfortably and this size costs $489.99.

The HT Instashack is another portable ice fishing house. This is a two person, 'hub' style fishing shanty. This model has strong metal hubs, an 'all way' window system, and two large doors, one on each side so that you can get out without tripping over the other person. This model also includes a duffel bag with shoulder straps, ice anchors as well as securing ropes. It is black, to contrast against the ice, and has reflective words. This is one of the most inexpensive models, and cost just $150.99.

The HT InstaShak also comes in other models as well. There is the two man fishing house, which has a sled base, cover, as well as chairs, for $260.99. They make a four man fishing shanty version, just the basics with the duffel bag for $215.99. Then they also make the larger 6 man version. This is not only a shelter, but can also be used to put a cot in and rest for awhile. This too comes with the basics, anchor ropes and ice anchors, as well as the duffel bag. This model sells for just under $294.99.

For the ultimate fishing house try the HT Polar Escape Magnum Fishing shanty. This will hold two people and four poles, and is one of the warmest made, because of the heat absorbing materials. It is a two way model, so you can either have just a wind break, or a full shelter. It can be attached to the included sled base, which also has a tow hitch, and this becomes the floor when stationary. The whole thing will completely fold down and load into a car trunk. It also includes the two ropes, chairs and snow mobile cover, all for just $399.99.

This is just a few of the many different portable ice fishing house models to choose from.
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Portable Ice Fishing House

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This article was published on 2010/10/23