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Spring trout fishing is really a challenge. You know that, in spring, there are high discolored water, cold temperature, floating debris or chunks of ice in some streams, freezing air. Actually, these factors are not all difficult things that anglers endure when visiting their favorite stream at this time.


With water temperature playing around 40 degrees Fahrenheit it is not an easy task to go fishing but with the right approach in fishing during this season it is not impossible either to get a good catch. Using of rods seems to be appropriate to use at this time. I suggest a use of a ten pound test line, oversized hooks, and a jumbo bell sinker is favorable to an angler.


Spring trout are usually not as wary as with other season or after a few weeks after spring season ends. Always use a heavy sinker to keep bait anchored near the bottom where the trout's are. Without the sinker, the monofilament will stiffen and rise to the surface which it should not be. It is advantageous to use an ultra light rod, with a 4 pound test monofilament line, a number 6 or 8 bait hook, with one or two split shots and fastened in the hook about 10- or 12 inches above. It is necessary to adjust the weight to keep bait in the current. Split shots may be added or subtracted depending on the need.


Bear in mind that in the spring, trout fishing is easily done if an angler knows where to find fish. During this time fishes normally lie just a foot or so above the bottom therefore baits should be just above the ground of the stream. If your bait is touching the rocks along the bottom area then it is exactly where it should be. However if the bait gets frequently snag at the bottom it means very heavy, hence, it needs to be lightened up. Most likely your bait will get snag half of the time but the other half should be hooked into a ravenous trout.


Even if the water is not very clear, the use of a light line makes it hard for the trout to see. More so, it causes the angler less effort in dragging a heavy line in the high discolored water of spring. Furthermore light lines are relevant especially during the clear waters of the summer. I suggest a four-pound test monofilament, the most practical drag free gear.


Find out more on how to find trout's during at spring time to make it more convenient to go on fishing despite the freezing coldness of the season. Plus equipping yourself with the proper lures and baits to be used makes spring trout fishing more carefree and sensible. Remember to go fishing smartly and not elbow grease. Fishing does not have to be tiring - it should be light and fun. Ultimately, it should be rewarding with a wonderful experience. So to beat the spring season is to simply learn the proper gears, method, and knowing the location where fishing will take place.


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Spring Trout Fishing

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This article was published on 2010/08/12