Trading Butter For Olive Oil

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The South of France typifies a simpler cuisine than its complicated butter, crème and egg yolk rich sauces of its Northern counterpart. For example, appetizers of vegetables marinaded in an olive oil and a wine vinegar combination with slices of grilled thyme bread. An entrée of grilled fish or a lemon-herbed chicken breast served with sides of saffron rice and baked zucchini with a tomato sauce. For dessert, sliced bananas fried in a small amount of a light colored olive oil and flavored with orange flavoring, coconut and honey.

Lavender landscapes, coastal seaports and even a beach or two, Southern French home cooks as well as restaurant chefs stretch their imaginations when it comes to figuring out what to do with the vegetables, fresh seafood and other specialties that are locally grown or caught for the farmers markets open daily or weekly. Lunch or dinner is not complete without either green or black olives and of course a local red or a white wine.

Fish soups or stews are loaded with fragrant herbs, garlic and fresh tomatoes and not really that hard to prepare. Although, it takes a lot of patience waiting for them to finish cooking when the aromas from the pot fill the kitchen. The freshest fish purchased doesn't have a foul odor as frozen fish. Mussels are an acquired taste and delicious when grilled or as part of a soup. It is important to learn about cooking times for shrimp and other shellfish or they become tough because of overcooking them.

Ingredients such as anchovies, black olives and capers are ground to make tapenades used as a snack food when spread upon slices of bread or basted on fish for an entrée. Gratins are baked entrees filled with vegetables such as; varieties of squashes or greens with a milk, green onions, garlic , breadcrumbs, eggs and a local grated white cheese mixture served for lunch with a green salad tossed with a vinaigrette dressing. Followed by, a tart stuffed with fresh cherries and sprinkled with some powdered sugar.

With the onset of obesity, heart disease, high-blood pressure and diabetes, it is not only important to include a lot of these nutritious ingredients in the daily diet. It's also fun to broaden horizons and experiment with meats like a roasted leg of lamb or lamb chops basted with rosemary and olive oil. Sea salt and cracked black pepper are the most frequent seasonings used as well as herbs fresh or dried. With the current interest in French cooking because of the latest film "Julie & Julia", it is wise instead to turn to the cookbooks from the South Of France offering simpler methods of preparation with ingredients promoting a more healthful style of eating.

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Trading Butter For Olive Oil

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This article was published on 2010/03/29